May 25, 2024


Law, This Is It!


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Pease enjoy this Eye Opening Video at?v=A5M7WOGrMKI

We at UNpc have been saying many years that, the actual bully, in the Room is the Teachers. Unions, and the Union controlled Training Boards. They like our politicians do not symbolize there Associates, they not only have a disconnect with the teachers, but are Purposely

Likely against the lecturers and Parents  beliefs. Also the most crucial human being in all that isn’t even pointed out or represented, (the Youngsters) they require a voice, a free of charge voice. We have quite a few past articles describing the waste and corruption in the Academics Unions.

Some Solutions 

Teachers with our agency support want to drive back again, and Give up the union , but put alongside one another their personal organized Labor team, by state ? Shell out $1000 a month, and the President and vice President are volunteers only (for prestige of encouraging there fellow educators, and there possess “do the appropriate thing”, they can only serve  2 yrs max, trying to keep it considerably less political.

The voucher process that 76% of People in america want, will have a substantial influence on Increasing our educations procedure.

Real Solutions 

Swap the Unions with Self governing Organized Labor

Get rid of 70% of Administration expenses, wastes and corruption. 

Pass Voucher procedure for all students 

Get rid of tenure, no a single can be fired W/O induce (requires far better definitions 

Glance at retirement funding for a additional secure funding.

Enhance Teachers Pay out K-12 BY. 50% enable them get a lot more now. 

Higher education expenditures need to have to be reduced, incredibly lousy fiscal management in most of our schools.

We can deal with a lot of our Instruction By empowering the Academics and the College students.

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Patrick Lockhart

Founder Editor

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