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Law, This Is It!

Whiny Media McWhiner of the Month, by Michelle Malkin

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Whiny Media McWhiner of the Month, by Michelle Malkin

September has scarcely begun, but I’m self-confident no a person will best my Whiny Media McWhiner of the Month nominee. This diaper-wetting award winner truly usually takes the cake. With unhinged cowards like the San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board editor Matthew Fleischer occupying lofty perches of influence, it is no marvel community assurance in American newspaper and tv information has plunged to all-time lows, in accordance to the latest Gallup poll.

Initial, some history: As owner Hearst Corporation brags, “The San Francisco Chronicle is the largest newspaper in Northern California” and “the next major on the West Coastline.” Sunday print circulation tops 211,000. Its web-site reportedly reaches about 6 million people throughout the region each and every thirty day period. Fleischer holds an M.A. in journalism from New York College, labored as a “senior electronic opinion editor” at the Los Angeles Moments for 6 a long time, and wrote for a prolonged list of mainstream publications before landing in the Bay Space in April 2021.

For the earlier two and a 50 percent yrs, Fleischer’s concern-mongering Chronicle editorial board hectored and harangued visitors to believe in the COVID science (translation: swallow every single Significant Governing administration, Large Pharma and Massive Tech claim without having concern or grievance). Fleischer and his colleagues backed the draconian lockdown insurance policies of San Francisco Mayor London Breed (which did not apply to her, of study course, as she partied maskless at jazz clubs). The Chronicle editorial board was so extreme that it castigated serial handle-freak lockdown hypocrite Gov. Gavin Newsom for not accomplishing enough to reduce sane persons from finding on with their lives.

Fleischer’s viewpoint internet pages also pushed for indefinite indoor masking, advocated “making vaccination the cost of admission to culture,” and rallied the left-wing elitist pandemic mob versus educated mom and dad training their spiritual liberty and health care autonomy. The newspaper crusaded for legislative initiatives to outlaw personal perception exemptions from vaccine mandates and to drive every single faculty-age little one to submit to experimental jabs in the name of public wellness.

But just like Mayor Breed, Gov. Newsom and all the other two-faced COVID tyrants who exempt themselves from the rigid regulations they’ve imposed on the hoi polloi, the Chronicle’s editorial webpage editor thinks the rules and “the science” should really be bent and overlooked by the powerful and the privileged when it fits them.

On Sunday, Fleischer released a diatribe blasting healthcare pros for not supplying him Paxlovid drugs just after he contracted COVID — even though the gurus and authorities he so worships identified he “wasn’t technically eligible” for the reason that he was “under 65 with out any severe comorbidities.” The title of his whine-ditorial:

“Omicron at last acquired me soon after two many years of getting a COVID hermit. Then, physicians produced it even worse.”


Yes, he was a “COVID hermit,” cloistered in his Bay Area dwelling (median sale selling price: $1.3 million) the place he admits he sat close to, stuffed his confront and gained “fifteen additional lbs.” Acquiring fatter “was well worth it to stay away from finding ill,” he claimed. So, he holed up in his “cave,” spurned the fitness center (“no thanks,” he scoffed) and avoided “the office, indoor gatherings and restaurants.”

That’s proper. He selected to stay away from fresh new air, workout and sunlight — successful organic immune boosters, according to a raft of peer-reviewed research. You know: Science. As an alternative, he obtained vaxxed and boosted, masked up and hunkered down, and nonetheless ended up with COVID immediately after flying out to the East Coastline this summer months. Whose fault is it? The subtitle of his gripe-fest is pure media megalomania:

“BA.5 just wiped me out for 12 times. Why did physicians permit me get ill in its place of supplying me Paxlovid?”

What a weenie. You know what I did when lockdown mania hit? I took obligation for my wellness. In the spring of 2020, even though government goons shut down gyms and blocked off playgrounds and parks with criminal offense tape, I took up pickleball (at present competing in tournaments at 4. mixed doubles), lifted weights in the garage, ate healthier, hiked Colorado trails and mountains, loaded up on natural vitamins and health supplements, and secured ivermectin (which The Institution Researchers are finally acknowledging delivers prophylactic security “associated with reductions in COVID-19 an infection, hospitalization, and mortality charges.”)

Oh, and I refused — even now to this working day — to be a guinea pig for people Big Pharma merchandise that arrived out of corrupted COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials. I have had COVID after whilst residing life to the fullest, jab-less and maskless, while the vaccine and lockdown haranguers experience reinfection following rebound just after rebound, with or with no Paxlovid as their savior.

Regardless of there remaining no reward to him taking Paxlovid, Fleischer fumes that he really should be allowed to ignore formal general public wellness steerage and pop the tablets on demand from customers since, properly, simply because!

Stubbornly clinging to Large Pharma Voodoo, this nattering ninny is “hopeful the new omicron booster” will conclude the pandemic. LOL. Meantime, all of us in a natural way nutritious, in good shape and fearless citizens who refuse to post to the infinite drugs and profiteering injections that unsuccessful him miserably view in equally horror and amusement at the media meltdowns of reclusive basket circumstances. Cry more challenging.

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