April 22, 2024


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Week-in-Review: Will embracing the language of Brexit benefit Labour?

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Week-in-Review: Will embracing the language of Brexit benefit Labour?

Consider Again Control. These infamous 3 phrases, devised by the official Vote Go away camp in the course of the 2016 EU referendum campaign, must strike worry into the heart of any devout anti-Brexit activist. It is this rhetorical prosper, frequently incessantly through 2016-2019, to which behavioural and political experts alike attribute the success of the Brexit campaign. 

There is no denying the political energy of the slogan. Dominic Cummings, the scheming head at the rear of Consider Again Handle, has published whole weblogs focused to its significantly-maligned genius. He credits the “back” element of the slogan with evoking a strong progressed instinct: the fact that we loathe shedding issues, in particular “control”.

Now Keir Starmer, a trenchant advocate of “remain” during the Brexit saga, has shamelessly stolen the slogan for his possess finishes. In the Labour leader’s very first speech of 2023 on Thursday, Sir Keir promised to “embrace” the Brexit-securing concept as element of a broader mission to produce a “decade of countrywide renewal”

Jacket off, sleeves rolled up and framed from a backdrop of heavy machinery, you will be forgiven for contemplating that an election was already underway. Definitely, there is no doubting the degree of electoral calculation that went into Starmer’s thoroughly choreographed effectiveness.


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“We will embrace the consider back again control message — but we will turn it from a slogan into a resolution, from a catchphrase into change”, Starmer rallied. It was the established up for the announcement of new policy, the so-identified as “take back regulate bill”, established to seem in the first King’s speech of a Labour govt.

In essence, the proposed legislation is a deftly repackaged edition of Gordon Brown’s constitutional report. Correcting the ad hoc system councils have to go as a result of to negotiate a devolved settlement, it is intended to institute a authorized framework for a full programme of devolution. The monthly bill would offer you communities sweeping new powers above sectors this kind of as childcare provision, society, transportation, employment provision and housing.

The crucial variation concerning Starmer’s speech and Brown’s report is framing. In dressing Brown’s devolution proposals in the discursive trappings of article-Brexit “control”, Starmer needs to capitalise on the identical anti-Westminster sentiment Cummings exploited in 2016. It is about embracing missing “red wall” voters with a common information. 

But for Starmer, who labelled the Brexit vote a “catastrophe” when he resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s entrance bench as a shadow immigration minister in 2016, this is a conversion of damascene proportions. The 1-time remainer-in-main will now encounter accusations of Brexit hypocrisy from both sides of the continue being-depart divide.

A submit-Brexit eyesight for Labour

As a result of the Corbyn decades, the Labour Party was neither a wholeheartedly keep on being automobile, nor did it possess a edition of Brexit. But because Starmer took above as Labour chief in 2020, crafting these types of a vision has been a precedence. 

Acknowledging his continue to be-voting previous on Thursday, Starmer explained to attendees that he “couldn’t disagree with the basic case” of the Go away campaign. “It’s not unreasonable for us to recognise the drive for communities to stand on their have ft, it’s what Get Again Regulate meant”, the Labour leader added. 

It is unquestionably real that when the Uk voted to go away the European Union in 2016, inner thoughts ran much deeper than mere disdain for Brussels. Starmer now senses that the experience of powerlessness that knowledgeable the 2016 vote is fertile floor for Labour initiative.

So in contrast to the Conservative eyesight for Brexit, defined by the summary idea of “sovereignty”, fears over immigration and burdensome EU regulation, Starmer wants to retell the story by means of the lens of localism and “levelling up”. It marks an audacious endeavor to side-step challenges encompassing Brexit and emphasis on the a lot-foretold, if mainly illusory, promised land outside of. It is a tactic the Depart campaign adopted from the quite beginning. 

Higher than all, the “take back regulate bill” underlines the increasing self-confidence within the Labour leader’s office environment that Starmer can acquire on the Conservatives in their have backyard. The Labour chief now needs to defenestrate Sunak completely, leaving the Conservative bash intellectually limbless by the next election, predicted in 2024.

The hazards 

But there are pitfalls to Starmer’s new tactic. By pinching the extremely phrase that he was so vehemently opposed to as a Remainer, Conservatives can paint Starmer as a shifty  managerialist pushed purely by electoral calculation. Duly, foreign secretary James Cleverly rubbished Starmer’s speech on Thursday as a “whole load of nothing”. 

It is also the scenario that no stage of imaginative sloganeering will enthuse individuals who stay deeply opposed to Brexit. A new poll done for GB Information has located a 9-position direct for rejoining the EU (42 per cent to 33 per cent) — the information underlines that Starmer threats misreading the mood of the country in adopting Cummings’ Just take Back Handle slogan. While Starmer states devolution will be the “centrepiece” of Labour’s very first legislative program in governing administration, localism, no matter the discursive trappings, will establish no silver bullet to Britain’s put up-Brexit difficulties. There is no hiding that the UK’s financial system is continue to the worst carrying out in the G7.

2024 priorities 

Both equally Labour and the Conservative get together want to convey to a dependable tale in the lead-up to 2024. For Sunak, this is about Conservative “priorities” vis-a-vis the economic climate, the NHS and smaller boats for Starmer, the system is centered on thieving Conservative thunder on Brexit and levelling up, getting to be much more relaxed with concerns hitherto thought of taboo in Labour circles. 

It sets up a interesting battle concerning the two get together figureheads, as equally glance to operate deeply presidential campaigns. So though the new calendar year political sermons may well be at an finish, the 2024-centered electioneering has only just started.