June 13, 2024


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We Can Be Proud Of Our Country

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Today¬†really will mark the finish of 1 era and the beginning of an additional. I’m so very pleased of the way the nation has reacted to the demise of Her Majesty. With really number of exceptions, a huge quantity of regard has justly been revealed to her memory. The sight of the queues of folks to shell out their respects at Westminster Hall has been some thing to behold.

I would have preferred to have gone myself but there is certainly no way my appropriate knee would have stood up to it. Some people today feel it’s an intensely strange detail to do. I really don’t. It’s very crystal clear that individuals did not just see HM The Queen as their monarch. She was a continual in their/our life and just about a substitute grandmother. She represented all that is good about our country.

Andrew Neil wrote an article in the Mail this week which asserted that Britain is not a state in drop. I thoroughly agree. The New York Times’ very long running campaign to slag off this region is just about scandalous. I have no strategy why they detest us so considerably but their continual sniping has turn out to be laughable. A buddy in The united states has cancelled his susbscription as he can’t stand it any for a longer period. I do believe the past 10 days have revealed us at our finest, but it’s not just that.

Of system we do pageantry really properly, but we are so much far more than that. We have the 5th or 6th biggest economic system in the planet. Our democracy is a design for a lot of. Our arts, songs culture and enjoyment sectors are planet top. The comfortable ability they give us is huge. We excel at numerous sports activities and have the most effective soccer league in the globe. The BBC is the envy of the environment. We are superb inventors. I could do on. For a quite extended time.

I have never ever comprehended why some persons delight in carrying out our place down. Apparently due to the fact we have weak persons it usually means we are a disgrace of a place. When you out that each country, no make a difference how rich, has very poor individuals, you are accused of staying hard confronted and a fascist. Of course, as a region we have our faults, and we need to all want to rectify them and do far better. That doesn’t imply we are not able to be happy of our nation in basic.

It can be in discussions like these that you arrive to realise how unrepresentative Twitter is of the Uk general public. Before this 7 days I tweeted this: “As I go to mattress, I rejoice in the reality that I am a single day nearer to coming off Twitter.” And I meant it. If I didn’t have to have it to market place what I do, I might come off it tomorrow. But I do, so I won’t be able to. But one particular working day…

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