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The Gods of Atlantis – The Fallen Angels, Their Names, Their Crimes, and Their Punishment

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Giants have etched their way into the collective unconscious of isolated cultures by time. The Bible is again steady with globe mythology and the Giants of Genesis had turned the continent of Atlantis into a war zone and an abomination. For it was on Eden that two hundred Fallen Angels descended and set by themselves up on the to start with Earthly Mt. Herman. The flood of Noah was to wipe out the full land of Eden. Mt. Herman and the palaces of the Nephilim were being to be ruined in a violent cataclysm that would resonate into the annals of history as “The Slide of Atlantis.”

In Homer’s Iliad, The Trojan War usually takes place in between the Greeks and the Trojans of Troy. Zeus and Apollo engage in “war” with human beings in a struggle for an Adamic Daughter. The gods intervene on behalf of both equally sides and in the course of these occasions, Earth was a living chessboard for their delight and satisfaction. For hundreds of many years human beings believed that Troy was an imaginary city from historic Greek Mythology. The Roman Poet Virgil wrote about it in the Aeneid. Historic Greek historians Erastosthenes, Herodotus, and Duris of Samos, just about every released commentaries on the subject and Strabo, a Greek geographer, thinker, and historian explained the locale and topography in the Geographica. For countless numbers of many years, The Town of Troy was the archeological “Holy Grail” and many through time have pursued its discovery. It remained a fantasy for hundreds of a long time until Heinrich Schliemann, a German entrepreneur and archeologist, unearthed the notorious metropolis in the 1870’s. Schliemann was a self-made millionaire and soon after his retirement at age 41, Schliemann browse and traveled and ultimately received his Ph. D. in 1869. He spoke and wrote in above 13 languages and his dissertation on his thesis for the place of Troy was penned in Historical Greek. The most incredible factor about Schliemann was his declaration that he would uncover Troy, at age of 8.

The fight for Helen was a single of several situations in which divine Hybrids “Took for on their own wives.” Genesis 4:16 states “Lamech took two ladies.” This is not Noah’s father, but fairly Cain’s good, terrific, fantastic, terrific grandson. The Hebrew word employed here implies, “to take, to get, and invokes the strategy of greedy or seizing a particular person or animal.” The Sons of Eloheem also took wives for on their own. In Homer’s Iliad, Paris, a descendant of the god Zeus, attempts to steal Helen for his wife. So below we have a Hybrid Paris, attempting to consider a spouse from the Mythological town of Troy. Schliemann finds Troy and any skeptic could say that even if troy exists, it will not indicate that fallen Angels oversaw a war to remember to Paris’ sexual desires for Helen of Sparta. But Schliemann proved it existed and that its origins date to 3500 B.C.

Zeus principles the gods of this planet and the Fallen Angels each individual govern civilizations on just about every continent. Poseidon guidelines around Atlantis and it is the geographic capitol of godly rule on Earth. Atlantis, for which the Atlantic Ocean is named, was geographically found concerning Europe and the Americas. Known by lots of other names across cultures and continents we have an unquestionably related archetype in Eden. Yeheveh claimed he would wipe out the total earth, with a lowercase “E,” as in, dirt. The submersion of a continent constitutes a complete destruction of the soil.

The most fascinating evidence for the existence of Atlantis is an account by the Greek philosopher, Plato. In his perform, Timaeus, Plato recounts a dialogue amongst the Greek philosophers Socrates, Timaeus, and the politicians Critias and Hermocrates. In this account Socrates is waxing poetically about Athens becoming a excellent society. Critias then reveals to them that at its apex Athens faced its antithesis of a society, a Naval power bent on conquering the planet from its homeland, Atlantis. Solon, while in Egypt in the 6th century B.C., was said to have spoken with Egyptian Monks who discovered to him the record of the war between Atlantis and Athens.

The Fallen Angels descended to Earth, to the continent of Atlantis where they set up an Angelic Authorities of Sorts whose headquarters they named Mt. Herman. The Yard of Eden was situated on the western part of Atlantis as Cain was sent Eastward, most very likely by sailboat, across the ocean to the continent of Nod. Mt. Herman was the optimum issue on Atlantis and a town, known as Mt. Olympus, was built there for the Fallen Angels to perform the business of playing God.

And it came to move when the little ones of guys experienced multiplied that in these times had been born unto them stunning and comely daughters. And the angels, the small children of the heaven, observed and lusted right after them, and explained to one particular yet another: ‘Come let us choose wives from the young children of adult males and beget us little ones.’ And Semjaza, who was their leader, claimed unto them: ‘I anxiety ye will not indeed concur to do this deed, and I by yourself shall have to shell out the penalty of a good sin.’ And they all answered him and explained: ‘Let us all swear an oath, and bind ourselves by mutual imprecations not to abandon this program but to do this issue.’ Then swear they all together and certain themselves by mutual imprecations upon it.
The E book of Enoch VI: 1-5

The Angels were being assigned to enjoy. They admired the ladies from outer space and must have discussed it on a standard basis. Semjaza indicates his fascination for the reason that his reaction, as their leader, was not to transform them in for crimes against the Kingdom in its place he claims to them he was not certain because “only” he would be punished for it all mainly because he has authority above them. They comprehended wherever he was coming from and reported that they were being willing to place mutually binding curses on any Angel that deserted the oath to descend to Earth and acquire wives. So they swore and descended and Yeheveh understood it.

And they have been in all two hundred who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mt Herman, and they termed it Mt. Hermon, mainly because they experienced sworn and sure them selves by mutual imprecations upon it.

The Guide of Enoch VI: 6

Mutual Imprecations means “evil curses ‘ and Hermon is derived from a person of two words and phrases spelled accurately the very same way. They are “Haram” and “Herem.” Haram is verb indicating “to ruin, to doom, or to devote.” Herem is defined as a noun meaning devoted issues, issues devoted to destruction, devotion, factors less than ban, and cursed.”

The only variance involving the two text is the vowel details telling the reader what to believe. They named this Mt. Herman since they descended there and mutually swore an evil curse on any who deserted them. They descended on to the Continent of Atlantis and set up a kingdom and a council that would allot each Angel a territory with which to set themselves up as gods. Semjaza was their leader and he is the most probable applicant for the god Zeus. The many others had a rank down below Semjaza and this get of authority existed on Earth. He and the other Fallen Angels are responsible for teaching people specific divine “secrets” that to them was supernatural knowledge, but to Yeheveh, “worthless kinds.” Enoch not only offers us with the names of the Angels, but more importantly, it gives us the distinct strategies they are accused of disclosing.

And these are the names of their leaders: Semiazaz, their leader, Arakiba, Rameel, Kokabiel, Tamiel, Ramiel, Danel, Ezeqeel, Baraqijal, Asael, Armaros, Batarel, Ananel, Zaqiel, Samsapeel, Satarel, Turel, Jomjael, Sariel. These are the Chiefs of tens.
The Reserve of Enoch VI: 7

These 18 Angels every single managed 10 lesser Angels. These Angels descended on Mt. Herman and With Semjaza, recited the Oath of Defection to the many others. The Angels down below are also accused of instructing secrets to human beings.

And behold the names of the Angels and these are their names: the 1st of them is Samjaza, The 2nd, Artaqifa, and the third, Armen, the fourth, Kokabel, the fifth, Turael, the sixth, Rumjal, the seventh, Danjal, the eighth, Neqael, the ninth, Baraqel, the tenth, Azazel, the eleventh, Armaros, the twelfth, Baterjal,, the thirteenth, Busasejal, the fourteenth, Hananel, the fifteenth, Turel, and the sixteenth, Simapesiel, the seventeenth, Jetrel, the eighteenth, Tumael, the nineteenth, Turel, the twentieth, Rumael, the 20-1st, Azazel.
The E-book of Enoch LXIX: 2

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