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The DUI Courtroom Method

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Efficiently navigating your way by way of a criminal prosecution for Driving Less than the Affect in Washington State requires a apparent knowledge of the DUI court docket process. In other words, figuring out what is coming your way will greatly cut down the quantity of worry you sense when battling a DUI cost.

Even though each Court Process in Washington may differ a small on how they manage the preliminary levels of a criminal prosecution, the essential outline under will assistance you realize the Courtroom approach as a whole:

When you get arrested for a criminal offense, you will have numerous court docket dates to go through. Your to start with time in Court docket is known as an Arraignment. Your upcoming court day is termed a Pre-Demo or Status Convention. You may also have court docket dates for Motions or Demo.


This is your to start with time in Courtroom and it really is where you are formally advised about the prices from you. In the scenario of DUI, you may possibly previously know what the demand is right before you even enter the Courtroom. Even so, there can be supplemental rates that you were unaware of like infractions for lousy driving or extra legal expenses the prosecution filed just after your arrest for DUI.

Relying on Jurisdiction, you will either be mailed a Hearing Observe or you will have to search on your quotation (about 1/3 from the base) where it says Obligatory Court Visual appearance for your court date and time. If you’re not guaranteed about the date or the time, contact the Courtroom Clerk’s Workplace (figures are accessible by using online). The Court docket you are in is listed at the prime of the citation, e.g. a citation marked “District Court” and the offense happened in Snohomish County , you would do an world-wide-web look for for “Snohomish County District Court.”

Arrive a few minutes early. Most courts will have a laptop or computer printout of all the people scheduled for court that working day, known as a docket. These printouts are frequently in simple sight close to the courtrooms. Upcoming to your name will be a courtroom selection. That’s exactly where you will need to go. If you get perplexed or cannot locate your courtroom, check with at the Court Clerk’s place of work – they are typically pretty handy.

Once you get to the suitable courtroom, be organized to wait around. Most Courts will have either a video or a paper that points out your legal rights at arraignment. If it truly is a paper, they will want you to sign your identify – expressing that you fully grasp your legal rights.

Finally, you will be identified as up in front of the Decide. You should not Stress. This is not your time to clarify what occurred – there will be enough time for that afterwards. All the Decide desires to know at Arraignment is whether you have an understanding of the demand(s) versus you and whether or not you want to plead Responsible or Not Guilty. That is it.

Typical feeling would inform you that if you did something improper, you need to choose it quick on the Courtroom Program by pleading guilty and the Courtroom Process will consider it effortless on you by not sentencing you as tricky as if you fought the charges. Sad to say, the Court docket Program is not constantly centered on prevalent feeling. In actuality, you will most probable be punished even worse if you plead guilty at arraignment fairly than combating the cost(s). In other words, DO NOT PLEAD Guilty!

As soon as you have pled Not Responsible, the Court docket will ask you about regardless of whether you want a law firm. The old clich√© about “The gentleman that signifies himself has a idiot for a customer” is really genuine. If you do not recognize the procedures of court and the legislation regarding DUI (or any other crime) you you should not stand a likelihood towards a nicely qualified prosecutor.

Lawyers appear in two flavors: Private and General public Defenders. You do not want to have a law firm with you at arraignment. If you are setting up on using the services of a non-public attorney, you want only notify the Decide that and he or she will be happy – but will alert you not to wait far too extended to use them. If you cannot afford to pay for a law firm of your have picking then you might qualify for a General public Defender. The Court will have a series of queries for you in get to figure out irrespective of whether or not you qualify dependent on your income, dependants, etc. The downside with a Public Defender is that you have no regulate over who is appointed to your scenario. Even if you qualify and have a Community Defender stand for you, you can often have a private lawyer get in excess of at any time. It can be pretty common for men and women with a Public Defender to hire a personal legal professional – so will not fear, your Public Defender will not be upset if you swap them with a private lawyer – they may perhaps even be relieved due to the fact it implies one particular less scenario to tackle.

Right after the Judge addresses the concern of your Law firm, the Court will then deal with your launch standing. If you have a cleanse document, you will possibly be introduced on your guarantee to occur again. If you have a felony history, the Decide may well impose a bail or bond sum to make certain you will appear back again.

The Court docket will assign a day when you will will need to come back for your Pre-Demo hearing. If you are not able to make it on that date, make sure to notify the Decide about your conflict so another day can be picked. If a conflict arrives up afterwards, contact your lawyer promptly so he or she can file a movement for continuance of the court docket day.

You will leave with Court docket with a piece of paper telling you the day and time of your subsequent court docket day. Will not be astonished if this is two to three months from your arraignment day. This may perhaps seem like a extensive time but really don’t hold out – if you have to have to uncover an lawyer get started instantly as it may perhaps choose a very long time to uncover the a single you want and to get the cash with each other to employ the service of them.

At the time you’ve got hired your lawyer, that person will need to send out in a Notice of Appearance, telling the Courtroom and Prosecution that they stand for you. They will also will need time to get all of the Law enforcement Reviews and other files the Prosecution intends on making use of against you (collectively referred to as Discovery). Immediately after your legal professional has all of the Discovery, they will need to sit down with you deal with to confront and examine your case. A person of the strange regulations in Washington Point out is CrRLJ 4.7, the rule that enables your law firm to get the discovery in your situation. The exact rule basically stops them from giving you a duplicate of the discovery – even nevertheless it’s your case! This rule is even extra bizarre contemplating the simple fact that if you had been to fire your attorney and stand for your self, the Condition would be Needed to give you a duplicate of the Discovery. None the significantly less, nothing at all helps prevent your law firm from providing you access to the Discovery when you want – as normally as you want they just cannot ship you dwelling with a copy.

Pre-Demo Hearings

These hearings take place at Court and in front of a Choose. Their intent is to make guaranteed that no circumstance “slips by means of the cracks” by making absolutely sure that the scenario is reviewed in a systematic way. Through a pretrial, the Choose desires to know what the position of the circumstance is: Do the parties (Prosecutor or Protection) want to enter a Guilty Plea to one thing, do they want to established a time for a Motion Hearing, do they want to have a Demo, or do they not know what they want and are simply just inquiring for much more time?

These hearings are administrative in nature. That indicates that they are comparatively reduced pressure simply because almost nothing will come about at a pretrial except if the Defendant would make it occur. In most instances, the Defendant does not require to say anything at all other than answering the Choose when the Decide asks if the Defendant consents to what is going on, e.g. inquiring for a continuance or setting a Motion Listening to. You and your legal professional will have reviewed what is to get location at the pretrial extensive prior to you really get there.

Most felony scenarios have quite a few pretrial dates. There are a lot of motives why you really don’t want to take care of your situation all through the first pretrial: You may possibly have lawful difficulties that need to have to be resolved by a Choose (throughout a Motion Listening to), your lawyer may possibly require more time to negotiate with the prosecution, or you might basically not have made the decision which way you want to go on your situation.

If you are inquiring the Decide to continue your situation, the concern of Fast Trial will arrive up. If you are out of custody, then your case will have to be settled inside ninety times (sixty if you are in custody). When a Defendant asks for a continuance, the Decide will both not want that added time to rely from the 90 days or will question for a refreshing 90 days -commencing on the date of the continuance request- in advance of granting the request for continuance. Despite the fact that this Fast Demo rule is an essential suitable – as a useful issue, it incredibly almost never decides the end result of a case. In other phrases, if your law firm thinks it is really a fantastic notion to waive the Fast Demo rule, by providing the Condition much more time to bring you to trial, then it likely is in your very best interest.

Motion Hearings

Motions are penned lawful arguments on why evidence in your case (someday the complete scenario) really should be thrown out. There are possibly hundreds of motions that could be filed in a felony situation. Your attorney will know which kinds (if any) utilize to your precise details.

Motions serve two reasons: Initially, if you can suppress evidence then you may have a much better possibility of winning if you go to demo. Second, motions are a wonderful way to adjust the power of your circumstance hence making it a lot more possible that the prosecution will want to make an provide of settlement that you make actually want to settle for.

A motion hearing looks like a bench demo: They take spot in Court and in front of a Choose, There might be witnesses, Each Protection and Prosecution will make arguments to the Decide and lastly, the Choose will make a authorized ruling on the challenge. This is where the similarity to a trial finishes. The burden of evidence at a motion hearing is substantially much less that at a trial and the Decide is demanded to watch the proof in a movement hearing “in the light most favorable to the Point out.” These two features merge to make a movement hearing much easier for the Point out to gain than the Defense. The purpose driving this unfair benefit is truly a fantastic a single: The heart of our authorized process is the Jury Trial. If you earn at a Motion Hearing, then you may possibly bypass the Jury Trial fully.


Trials arrive in two flavors: Bench and Jury. A bench trial is one particular where the Choose decides all the things. A Jury demo is a person where six folks (twelve in the situation of a Felony) determine what the info are and the Judge decides what the law is.

You can waive (give up) your correct to a Jury Demo at any time but if you do so then you typically cannot get it back. If you are at any time requested to make your mind up if you want a Bench or Jury trial, you usually choose Jury (because you can constantly modify your mind) due to the fact if you decide on Bench Trial – which is what you’re caught with.

At demo, the prosecution is essential to verify every single of the things of the crime past a acceptable doubt. Your lawyer will explore with you the elements (what the condition has to prove in your scenario). Your career as a Defendant is to determine no matter if or not the Condition can show each of people things. Can any of the aspects develop into unprovable if you win at a Motion Listening to?

The consequence of a trial is uncomplicated: you either acquire or you free. If you gain, go home – you happen to be finished. If you free, then you will generally (while not often) end up with a tiny far more jail time and a tiny additional fines than if you had pled responsible. Is it value the threat? Which is a thing for you and your attorney to make your mind up.


Staying able to mentally prepare for the varieties of court dates you will face though battling a DUI demand may not eradicate the stress you truly feel, but it will knock it down to a manageable amount.

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