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Studying Unusual And Popular Spanish Vocabulary Terms

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In this lesson, we will master some far more frequent Spanish vocabulary text and unusual Spanish vocabulary phrases. These 4 Spanish vocabulary phrases are actually what I contemplate “uncommon frequent Spanish terms.”

They are unusual simply because I did not master them from any of the lots of residence-review Spanish classes that I applied to learn Spanish. They are frequent for the reason that I hear these terms used quite normally listed here in Medellin, Colombia. And by the way, these phrases are not only spoken in Colombia but everywhere you go in the Spanish talking entire world.

1. Escote – cleavage

Esa mujer esta mostrando su escote.
That lady is exhibiting her cleavage.

2. Estría – extend marks

Las estrias son un problema comun en las mujeres.
Extend marks are a frequent problem with ladies.

3. Postizo – a little something bogus that replaces one thing organic (i.e. faux)

Medellin and some other cities in Colombia are identified for plastic surgery. Both of those males and women of all ages
from all over the world occur to Medellin for plastic medical procedures or “cirugia plastica.” Some of the sorts of surgery that girls appear to Medellin to get are:

– Senos postizos (artificial breasts or breast enhancements — the formal or proper phrase)
– Tetas postizas (synthetic breasts or breast enhancements — the casual phrase)
– Culo postizo (enhancement or implants of the buttocks — Very Informal phrase)

4. Caspa – dandruff

Lina compro un producto especial para lavar el cabello, porque esta harto de tener caspa.
Lina purchased a specific product or service in order to clean her hair since she is fed up with possessing dandruff.

If you wish to understand far more typical as well as uncommon Spanish vocabulary phrases, you must practice your Spanish with native Spanish speakers each transform you get, specifically frequent Spanish talking individuals as opposed to your Spanish instructor.

Spanish instructors have a tendency to train their pupils the most popular Spanish vocabulary words and phrases. This may perhaps be valuable when making an attempt to accomplish a conversational level in Spanish. But if you want to be absolutely fluent in Spanish, then you want to practice as a lot as possible with standard individuals.

This is also helpful not only for understanding additional everyday vocabulary terms, but it also beneficial for learning how to comprehend spoken Spanish. If you have practiced this language with a Spanish instructor and then experienced the likelihood to pay attention to frequent folks communicate, then you possibly seen that standard people are inclined to speak a great deal more quickly than your teacher and do not obviously announce each and every syllable as your teacher does.

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