July 18, 2024


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Quetzalli is Established to Preserve Indigenous Mexican Traditions

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The renewed fascination in psychedelics, although handy as a therapeutic possibility. has regrettably led to problems with sustainability, accessibility, and a lack of inclusivity and fairness for the indigenous cultures. Quetzalli aims to tackle these issues via reciprocal and collaborative educational and environmental initiatives inside of these communities.

“We imagine that Quetzalli is composed of brokers that improve lifetime and aid the mutually helpful connection concerning individuals and their organic environment. It will be a privilege to perform alongside one another in the direction of this objective. Our purpose is to rejuvenate the soil, air, and drinking water to enhance the health and fitness and vitality of all living beings. Our final goal is to boost sustainable, inclusive, and bioethical progress in just our local community, explained Jaina Andrea Novelo Guevara of Reserva Pure Los Ocotes.

The nonprofit’s 1st tasks involve helping the area Wixárika tribe in developing greenhouses and germination tools to assure a enough offer of sacred peyote cacti in their natural habitat as nicely as furnishing education and learning to local families and farmers in indigenous procedures for preserving biodiversity in meals production and forestry.

All of Quetzalli’s courses will concentrate on preserving the natural way developed medicinal vegetation, and cultural traditions of the indigenous Mexican people today that have been about for centuries, regenerating ecosystems, and educating the community about wellness and sustainability. The organization’s mission is to honor the ancient wisdom of Mexico’s ancestors and to maintain indigenous practices.

Quetzalli is a way for us to honor and specific our appreciation for Mexico, its land, and its folks. Many give-back initiatives are mostly for demonstrate. We purpose to direct by undertaking, fairly than just talking,” reported Brierre.

Donations are accepted to enable the corporation satisfy its mission.



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