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Kenyan lady drowns in Canada while live-streaming herself swimming (video)

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Kenyan lady drowns in Canada while live-streaming herself swimming (video)

A Kenyan lady, Hellen Wendy, has drowned in a swimming pool in Canada while live-streaming herself on Facebook.

Wendy, whose Fb profile suggests that she was a nurse dwelling in Toronto, Ontario was in a joyful mood times before the tragic incident which transpired on Thursday, August 18.

Kenyan lady drowns in Canada while live-streaming herself swimming (video)

“Nimetoka career, I’m feeling great,” she mentioned times immediately after she went live.

“It’s 2 o’clock in this article,” she said though responding to viewers in the remark part.

At particularly 5:45 minutes, Wendy took a dive in the waters numerous meters away from her recording gadget.

She saved getting the dives even though holding her deal with beneath the drinking water for quite a few seconds just before swimming back again to examine opinions.

This went on for several minutes till the tenth moment when she took the closing leap into what appeared like the deep finish of the pool.

At particularly 10:33 minutes, Wendy commenced gasping for air as she created gurgle appears though kicking and screaming in a futile energy to swim away from the danger zone.

At accurately 11:54, she built the previous audio before it all went silent.

From this stage, the camera held rolling for 3 several hours ahead of a guy came all around at the 3:09 hour mark.

Two minutes later on, a different gentleman arrived all over and questioned the one in the pool what was in the drinking water.

I assumed it’s a poodle or one thing,” the person mentioned.

“What if it is essentially another person dead?” the other person questioned.

He went spherical the pool and confirmed that it was in fact a human being at which issue he went to connect with the caretaker of the facility.

As at 5:30pm on Friday, August 19, the recorded dwell stream experienced about 8000 responses,7000 Likes and has been shared over 1,400 moments.

Look at the video beneath:

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