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How to Use Tyr’s Nordic Rune Magic to Gain Court Situations

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NORSE TYR RUNIC MAGIC FOR Winning Court Instances

The New Rules of Non secular Quantum Physics which is our reward from the Age of Aquarius tells us that ALL is electrical power.

You are power, I am electrical power, the Choose sitting down in his black robes is strength and the court making is power.

They also tell us that there is an infinite ocean of wondering, clever vitality known as the Quantum Ocean or Mimirs Well. Almost everything that is was or ever will be exists there.

Our Northern Gods and Goddesses exist there. The runes exist there.
All is electrical power.

When you move into a court docket of regulation you are stepping into a really powerful electrical power matrix that is not harmonious to our Northern European Pagan persons. In truth this electricity is quite harmful to us.

For that reason do not go in on your own and do not go in unarmed. Considering that all is energy and feelings are matters, use your feelings to carry your have energies into the courtroom room.

Christians bring their bible, crosses and prayers.

Deliver your Norse champion of Justice with you TYR. Convey his extremely effective runic image with you, the rune TYR.

Arm oneself and ally you then action into the struggle arena. You will have a bigger likelihood of victory and results.

This is the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Mind and the Age of Feelings. Use your head and feelings to shield your self.

TYR RUNIC RITUAL FOR Protection IN A Court docket OF Regulation.

The evening prior to the court scenario commence your ritual. Sit quietly in your favored chair and breath deeply and softly.

Now visualize the infinite Quantum Ocean, Mimirs Very well the place every thing exists.

Intone quite a few periods:

“TYR, TYR, TYR guidebook me. TYR, TYR, TYR assist me. TYR, TYR, TYR safeguard me. TYR, TYR, TYR occur to me”

Sit patiently till you experience him coming into your room. Visualize him standing in advance of you in his complete toughness with sword in his suitable hand a protect in his still left hand. The hand that he sacrificed to the Fenris wolf for our ancestors.

The moment you sense his presence, and you will, thank him for coming.

Go to rest being aware of that he will continue to be with you guarding you through out the night time.

In the early morning greet him out loud and present him a sacrifice. A sacrifice of some of your breakfast. If you have toast, eggs, bacon and coffee. Acquire a tiny piece of every, wrap in a napkin and get outside the house. Dig a small hole in the property, set the napkin with the sacrifice in it. Pour a tiny coffee in the hole and go over it up.

Sacrifice is pretty critical in any Norse magic.

Now just take a red marker and attract a TYR rune on the palms of both of those arms, one particular more than your heart and solar plexus. These you will need to have to shield by yourself from the genuine terrible energies of a court docket home.

Feel of all the hatred, disappointment and lying electricity that fills a courthouse. You do not want that to enter you.

Go to court docket and know that TYR is together with you. When your transform will come, stand and maintain the palms of your palms in this sort of a way that they encounter the choose devoid of staying viewed. Request TYR for justice.

Sense the strength and existence of TYR all via the trail. Know that he will give you the justice that you have earned. Fantastic or undesirable.

When it is over, go away the courthouse with your victory, thank TYR and send out him on his way so he can hep one more kindred.

Do not play down the electrical power of the Norse Gods and the Norse runes. They are here with us at all moments.

Norse magic is the capability to go energies from just one spot to yet another with no any bodily implies. You are relocating vitality from the Quantum Ocean, Mimirs perfectly to the courthouse. And you are utilizing your head to do it.

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