May 25, 2024


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How to Punish a Gentleman in Chastity

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A lot of adult males who beg for male chastity prove recalcitrant and – in quick – behave poorly just so they’re going to get ‘punishment’.

So, the dilemma is…

How to punish a male in chastity?

Soon after all, what can you do to him?


  1. If you convey to him he is got to wait for a longer time… then you happen to be supplying him more of what he wants.
  2. If you permit him orgasm… then you are giving him what he desires in the moment, even if later he’ll be disappointed. But let us deal with it – it can be not genuinely substantially of a punishment, is it?
  3. If you’re in a femdom romance you can cane him or give him some other punishment… but then, dependent on his preferences, you might be after additional offering him more of what he needs.

So, what can you do?

Give him what he will not want.

And the superior news is, there are a couple of issues you can do, all relying on how annoyed you get with him.

They are all one thing he’s definitely not heading to like, but one is a little bit extra drastic than the some others, and it really is a little something I might endorse only in the excessive.

Punishment #1

Let’s get the severe and the very least-enjoyable a single out of the way initially.

It is merely this: give him the crucial back and refuse to perform the activity.

In other text, deal with him just like you would a child by withdrawing your consideration from him.

I ensure this will provide him into line extremely rapidly.

If he’s in chastity then the imagined of being permitted free and just remaining no cost will halt him useless in his tracks.

But for the reason that it is really fairly an ‘unfriendly’ detail to do, I might seriously do this only if it actually went over and above the pale and he basically would not behave.

I will not expect my spouse to be at my beck and get in touch with 24/7, even though we are in a female led connection, while we do exercise demanding male chastity but I do count on him to recognise and regard the work it requires for me to continue to keep him beneath lock and important and delighted with it, and to settle for my authority and obey my principles.

Punishment #2

This is the killer – and I can guarantee when you read through what it is, you will never consider it truly is punishment at all.

Until you consider it on him and see how he reacts.

Then you could just assume all over again.

It truly is basically this: give him a ruined orgasm.

It truly is straightforward: you just make certain his hands are restrained so he are unable to touch himself and then you treat him to a minimal, sensuous and deliciously torturous tease and denial session.

Only this time you’re going to allow him orgasm… BUT the fast he commences to orgasm, with the quite very first spasm, you permit go of his penis and give him NO further more stimulation in any respect.

He will buck and moan and groan and beg, but you ought to NOT contact him.

Now, this is a single of the worst things that can take place to a man, since when he receives the submit-orgasm letdown, there is NONE of the enjoyment generally linked with an orgasm.

He’ll be devastated, I guarantee.

I know this from practical experience – due to the fact my partner, John, from time to time has to go through ruined orgasms and he gets only 1 suitable a single a 12 months.

And if you truly want to change the screws and make it almost unbearable for him, you can give him many ruined orgasms in a row, a person right after the other. I warranty, when your gentleman has had three, 4, 6, ten ruined orgasms in a row, he’ll have achning balls and will be on his best conduct for some sizeable time.

Now, if you’re ill and exhausted of the hype and nonsense you read through on the ‘net about male chastity and orgasm denial, and you are seriously looking for secure, sane and practical advice and details, then it makes feeling to get it from a real 24/7 few who are dwelling the way of life for serious, won’t it?

Punishment #3

Much more not too long ago, considering that we have transitioned into a woman-led romance and John is sure by the oath of obedience he gave to me, I have begun caning him if he displeases or disobeys me.

Now, John is not one particular of all those adult males who enjoys this, so it can be not a “funishment”.

I restrain him on the bench and then cane him difficult and with no mercy so he understands the mistake of his means (a minimum of 36 very challenging strokes, and no warm up).

This is perhaps even more than some people will want to go, but it functions properly for us, and it has absolutely improved his conduct all spherical.

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