June 22, 2024


Law, This Is It!

And Now. A Word or Two From The White House

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And Now. A Word or Two From The White House


The New York Periods has a transcript.

Some important points:

In this moment, we have to confront all those lies with the reality. The incredibly potential of our nation is dependent on it. My fellow Americans, we’re experiencing a defining minute, an inflection point. We will have to with one particular overwhelming unified voice converse as a region and say there is no location, no put for voter intimidation or political violence in The united states. Irrespective of whether it is directed at Democrats or Republicans. No location, interval. No spot at any time.


We the persons have to decide whether we will have truthful and no cost elections, and each and every vote counts. We the individuals need to come to a decision irrespective of whether we’re likely to sustain a republic, the place reality’s accepted, the regulation is obeyed and your vote is definitely sacred.

We the people will have to determine regardless of whether the rule of legislation will prevail or irrespective of whether we will allow the dark forces and thirst for electricity put in advance of the ideas that have lengthy guided us.


Perfectly, I think, initial, we believe the vote in America’s sacred, to be honored, not denied highly regarded, not dismissed counted, not ignored. A vote is not a partisan resource, to be counted when it will help your candidates and tossed aside when it doesn’t. 2nd, we have to, with an overpowering voice, stand from political violence and voter intimidation, period. Stand up and converse in opposition to it.

And so on.

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