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The Oz Principle – A Guide Summary

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In The Oz Principle, Connors, Smith, and Hickman brilliantly use the analogy of “The Wizard of Oz” to discuss a organization philosophy aimed in propelling individuals and corporations to conquer unfavorable instances and attain sought after effects. This philosophy can be encompassed in a single phrase: ACCOUNTABILITY.

The eponymous basic principle builds upon the ethos of individual and organizational accountability. It explores the root trigger of an organization’s impediments to fantastic efficiency and productivity, and provides great insight on how to re-set up a company from the bottom up, emphasizing on the slim line that separates achievements from failure. The Above The Line, Under The Line methodology is the driving drive at the rear of The Oz Principle.

The Oz Basic principle: Obtaining Results by means of Accountability

Just like Dorothy’s research for the Wizard of Oz for enlightenment, people and companies also request out the wizard that will help save them from the maladies that afflict their workplace. Nevertheless, the wizard is just a distraction, bearing new-fangled company philosophies and administration fads that will only build a layer atop the hideous truth that desires to be unveiled. When the main dilemma is not addressed, the ills will
ultimately resurface and the company is back to its sorry point out.

Sufferer Considering or Unsuccessful Accountability

When a organization suffers from inadequate general performance or unsatisfactory success, people from major management all the way to the entrance line start out finger-pointing, forming excuses, rationalizing, and justifying, rather of doing a little something to relieve the scenario. They foolishly profess that the situations have produced victims of them, that the activities are wholly out of their handle, and that they should not be blamed for the company’s recent difficulties. It is really always something or a person else, in no way by themselves.

Above The Line, Below The Line

A slim line separates failure and good results, greatness and mediocrity.

Earlier mentioned The Line, you will discover the Ways to Accountability which contain in chronological order: See It, Personal It, Solve It, and Do It. The initial phase, See It, signifies acknowledging the difficulty to Individual It is to suppose accountability for the problem and the benefits Remedy It signifies to formulate solutions to treatment the condition and, as a culminating action, Do It instructions the
practical software of the options determined.

Below The Line is in which the self-professed victims participate in

The Blame Activity. Here, crippling attitudes this kind of as Wait and See, Confusion/Convey to Me What To Do, It can be Not My Occupation, Overlook/Deny, Finger Pointing, and Include Your Tail are rampant. Although greater part of the persons discovered in this dimension are weak in accountability, this does not necessarily mean that very accountable persons are exempt from slipping Under The Line. They, as well, slip each individual now and then. The only difference is that they know how to get out of the rut.

A Very simple Answer to Victimization

Folks and companies Underneath The Line languish in
self-pity right until they get trapped in the “I Am a Victim”
mind-set and obtain it difficult to split free from the vicious cycle. Accountability presents a extremely easy alternative to make, albeit a complicated one particular to act upon: “You can either get trapped or get effects.” So stark in its simplicity that most men and women fail to know that the ball has always been in their courtroom.

The Ability of Person Accountability: Relocating You
Earlier mentioned The Line

The initial move to accountability is recognizing the trouble.
It will take great braveness to acknowledge that you are caught in a
complicated circumstance. Most men and women, nevertheless, fall short to see
truth the way it is due to the fact they choose to ignore it or
they settle for the predicament as the position quo and go along
with it.

To commence the march up the Measures to Accountability, you need to initially muster the bravery to: a) acknowledge when you tumble Under The Line b) recognize that remaining Below The Line not only ignores the real difficulty but leads to significantly weak outcomes and c) admit and settle for fact as the to start with action toward using accountability.

Mustering the braveness to See It will guide to the subsequent move,
Owning It. In this article, you have to have the coronary heart to very own the
instances you have recognized in the See It step as properly
as the outcomes that will arrive from the training course of motion you
system to just take.

“What else can I do to increase earlier mentioned my situation and achieve the final results I want?” That is the issue to continually check with you when you locate you trapped in a stubborn problem. Aside from producing options, Resolving It also will involve foresight in pinpointing the worst feasible state of affairs that can come about, and staying ready to fight it head on.

Possessing solutions is not sufficient if you neglect realistic
application. You are not able to Do It until you make on your own
accountable not only for rapid circumstances but also for potential accomplishment. With this, you are empowering not only you but also your business.

It’s so easy to be pulled back Underneath The Line, especially if you really don’t accept entire accountability for the condition and the long run. A large amount men and women are concerned to turn out to be accountable because they anxiety the challenges related with it. Even so, know that without the need of using the massive leap, you will never get everywhere.

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