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The January 6 Committee Executive Summary! (Some Pennsylvania Connections)

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The January 6 Committee Executive Summary! (Some Pennsylvania Connections)

This is where you can find the summary.

And guess, just guess, who’s described in a footnote!

Choose a appear at this paragraph from pages 15-16:

Finally, even Rudolph Giuliani and his legal group acknowledged that they
had no definitive evidence of election fraud adequate to modify the election
result. For example, though Giuliani repeatedly experienced claimed in community that
Dominion voting equipment stole the election, he admitted during his Choose
Committee deposition that “I do not imagine the machines stole the
election.”94 An attorney representing his lead investigator,
Bernard Kerik, declared in a letter to the Find Committee that “it was
impossible for Kerik and his crew to ascertain conclusively regardless of whether there was
common fraud or no matter if that common fraud would have altered the
final result of the election.” 95 Kerik also emailed President Trump’s
chief of employees on December 28, 2020, producing: “We can do all the
investigations we want later on, but if the president programs on successful, it’s the
legislators that have to be moved and this will do just that.” 96
Other Trump legal professionals and supporters, Jenna Ellis, John Eastman, Phil Waldron,
and Michael Flynn, all invoked their Fifth Amendment privilege from
self-incrimination when questioned by the Select Committee what meant evidence they
uncovered that the election was stolen.97 Not a one witness–nor
any blend of witnesses–offered the Pick out Committee with evidence
demonstrating that fraud transpired on a scale even remotely shut to shifting
the final result in any Point out.98

And it’s that very last footnote (footnote 98) that potential customers us here:

98 Nor was there these kinds of evidence of prevalent fraud in any of the
paperwork created in reaction to Pick Committee subpoenas issued to the
proponents of the claims, which includes Rudy Giuliani and his staff members and
investigators Bernard Kerik and Christina Bobb, or other proponents of
election fraud claims such as Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano, Arizona
legislator Mark Finchem, disbarred attorney Phill Kline, and attorneys Sidney
Powell, Cleta Mitchell, and John Eastman. Not one of them offered evidence
raising genuine concerns about the election result. In small, it was a huge

I’ll state it once more:

Not one of them delivered evidence elevating legitimate inquiries about the election
end result. In limited, it was a big rip-off.

Then there is Consultant Scott Perry of Pennsylvania.

He to start with exhibits up listed here on page 36:

At one particular issue in the course of the December 27th get in touch with in which Donoghue refuted Trump’s
fraud allegations, Donoghue recorded in handwritten notes a ask for Trump made
exclusively to him and Acting Attorney Typical Rosen: “Just say the election
was corrupt and depart the relaxation to me and the Republican Congressmen.” Donoghue
spelled out: “[T]he Section experienced zero involvement in anyone’s political
tactic,” and “he needed us to say that it was corrupt.” “We informed him we were being
not heading to do that.” At the time, neither Rosen nor Donoghue knew the complete
extent to which Republican Congressmen, including Representative Scott Perry,
have been trying to help Trump to overturn the election final results.

Ah, certainly.
That DOJ phone simply call.

Doug Mastriano showed up there far too, failed to he? In this be aware:

But again to Rep Perry. You can find this on website page 88:

Like Agent Jordan, Consultant Perry was also involved in early put up-
election messaging system. The two Representative Jordan and Representative Perry were
involved in conversations with White Home officials about Vice President Pence’s position on
January 6th as early as November 2020. Representative Perry was present for conversations
in which the White Home Counsel’s Business educated him and other individuals that President Trump’s
endeavours to submit phony electoral votes ended up not lawfully audio. But perhaps most pivotally,
he was involved in President Trump’s attempts to install Jeffrey Clark as the Acting Legal professional
Typical in December 2020 and January 2021. Starting in early December 2020,
Agent Perry instructed Clark as a candidate to Mark Meadows, then introduced
Clark to President Trump. In the days before January 6th, Representative Perry advocated
for President Trump to speak at the Capitol during the joint session, speaking to Mark
Meadows on at the very least one particular occasion about it. He was also a participant in the January 2, 2021
phone in which Agent Jordan, President Trump, and other individuals discussed issuing social
media posts to encourage Trump supporters to march to the Capitol on January 6th. Soon after
January 6th, Representative Perry reached out to White Home workers asking to acquire a
Presidential pardon.

Why ask for a pardon until you know what you did was illegal?

What else are we heading to discover as we sift via the summary and then the complete report and then the evidence?

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