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Employment – Disclosure of Data – Breach of Self-confidence

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The defendant resigned and observed work with a single of the claimant’s opponents. Soon immediately after her resignation, the claimant discovered that the defendant experienced despatched a few e-mails to her own e-mail account prior to leaving the firm. The e-mails concerned:

* Shows she had designed to the claimant’s customers

* Opinions which prospects experienced specified in relation to the claimant’s providers and

* Selling prices of the claimant’s products and solutions.

The claimant was of the opinion that the info contained in the e-mails was private and hence violated the phrases of the defendant’s deal of employment. The claimant confronted the defendant with its discovery.

The defendant stated that she experienced sent the e-mails to her particular e-mail account in mistake, and provided to permit the claimant check out her particular e-mail account to show that she experienced not breached the phrases of her agreement. The claimant tried out to persuade the defendant to keep in its work, but was unsuccessful.

The claimant then instructed its solicitors to write to the defendant alleging that the defendant had breached the terms of her work which amounted to breach of self confidence. The claimant also asked for the return of all its resources which were in the defendant’s possession. The defendant replied to the letter stating that the e-mails were not sent to any one else, and that as soon as the mistake had been discovered, she experienced not even opened them.

The claimant did not reply to her letter. They as an alternative issued proceedings towards her and applied for an interim injunction. They alleged that the sending of the e-mails to her private account amounted to her ‘using’ private information in contravention to her contractual obligations. They also alleged that by her failing to straight away return their resources, she experienced more breached the terms of her deal.

The claim was dismissed. The court docket held the where by the e-mails had remained unopened the confidential information and facts had not been ‘used’ in a way which amounted to breach of self-confidence. Whilst she experienced not promptly returned the elements, she experienced earlier presented the claimant the authorization to watch her own e-mail account and to delete the e-mails relating to the claimant’s private information.

In addition to this, the court held that the info which was the subject of the claimant’s grievance was completely innocuous and that the claimant experienced reacted thoroughly disproportionately. The issue need to not have been taken to court docket and the defendant’s undertakings had been adequate.

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